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BI PV Project Details
Name projectNoise Barrier Gleisdorf
Year2002-01 (Start operation date)
PV applicationUNKNOWN and OTHER applications
PV power total101 kWp
LocationGleisdorf, Styria
Latitude/Longitude47°5'32"N 15°43'56"E

Project summary
The previously existing noise barrier on the A2 in the urban area of Gleisdorf fulfilled no longer the requirements of a modern noise barrier and therefore it should be replaced. The energy consulting firm m2 Master Management developed in collaboration with the Province of Styria a new, innovative solution to the noise problem - the so-called multi-functional noise plant (MLA). The existing wall was increased, and on the north side of the eastern route in addition to a length of about 1300 m with an approximately 1.3 m high, integrated PV-system was installed.

Special PV project info
PV architecture and building integration
PV ownership
Tariffs and metering
Remarks and recommended reading

Other project data
Type of project
Other relevant aspects
Start of PV project1999
Start operation PV system2002-01
Project leading companyFeistritzwerke Steweag GmbH
Project contact personIng. Robert Kohl
Contact emailr.kohl@feistritzwerke.at
Contact addressA-8200 Gleisdorf; Gartengasse 36
Part of Urban Scale project

Building data
Use and function of the building
Building typeStructures - non-building
PV building addressmotorway A2

PV system
PV applicationUNKNOWN and OTHER applications
PV power total project101 kWp
Number of dwellings/units0
PV power per dwellings/units0 kWp
PV system typeGrid-connected - demand side
PV module typeFramed - regular module
PV cell typeAmorphous silicon,
Crystalline silicon - mono
PV module brand and typeSOLAREX MST-MV 43,
Photowatt PW 1000
PV inverter brand and typeSMA, Sunny Boy 2000
Includes PV database product(s) 

PV cost and energy production
PV system investment900000 Euro
PV modules only costs
PV energy yield
PV energy user owner

Names and Addresses
Building OwnerPV ownerArchitectMain PV manufacturer
NameASFINAG WienFeistritzwerke Steweag GmbHPhotowatt International S.A.S
AddressA-1011 Wien; Rotenturmstra├če 5-9A-8200 Gleisdorf; Gartengasse 36F- 38300 BOURGOIN-JALLIEU;33, rue Saint-Honor├ę

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Other websites http://www.energytech.at
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